October 29, 2010

Our Mini-Roadtrip

We recently decided to hop into the car and drive Up North.  With no specific destination in mind, we ended up finding some adorable small towns, eating yummy food, and seeing fall colors that words cannot describe.  It was a wonderful idea and I think it will now be a fall tradition!

Stop 1- Chateu Grand Traverse, Traverse City

We could not have chosen a more perfect weekend to see the fall colors.  Chateu Grand Traverse is set up on a hill on Old Mission Pennninsula.  The vines of grapes seem endless, along with the colorful trees and blue water.

Not only was the scenery something out of a movie, but we also had a wonderful time in the wine tasting room.  I, of course, liked anything bubbly or fruity, or what we refer to as "candy wine."

We also went on the free of cost wine production tour.  It gave us a new appreciation for all the wine we had tasted.  I never realized so much time and energy went into the production.  The whole building smelled so sweet and I could have stayed there forever, not too mention everyone was so friendly and helpful.

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