March 12, 2014

Seeing White

Another snowstorm to wake up to today . . . alright, spring we are so ready for you! The first half of the week was a tease with the weather almost reaching springlike temperatures and then yikes- a whole lot of snow.  But if there is more snow in our future can we all make a promise to just enjoy it?  We don't really have another choice, you know?

Old Mission Lighthouse, Grand Traverse
 I snapped these photographs during a trip to Traverse City during the first half of this week.  These photographs are a reminder that all this white stuff is gorgeous and it doesn't have to put an end to exploring.  During this trip I drove out to the end of Mission Peninsula.  As I walked out to Old Mission Lighthouse there was a silence I hadn't heard in months.  Everything was completely quiet and it was a friendly reminder that winter puts a blanket of peace and quiet on the world that we all need at times. 

So while we might be ready to break the peace and quiet of winter, let's work our best to enjoy it while it is here.  Let's go search out all of those places we love in the summer and see them covered in a blanket of snow- it might even put a whole new perspective on their beauty.

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