March 9, 2014

Niagara Falls

So this post isn't actually about Michigan. But you know another awesome thing about living in Michigan?  Our proximity to other really fantastic activities just outside of Michigan. This post is actually about an activity we are able to enjoy because Michigan has such a wonderful geographic location. So if you only want to hear about Michigan maybe you should skip this post. But if you want to travel a bit outside of Michigan, please, read on!

With all the snow and the cold we have spent more time than usual just being home.  While this is nice, I have the constant need to get out and explore.  A few Saturdays ago we made plans to head over to Windsor to visit Little Italy for a nice lunch.  As I started to get myself ready for the day Ted walked into the room and said, want to go to Niagara Falls instead?  I jokingly said, "I would love to," and continued on with my morning routine thinking he had to be kidding.  A half hour later Ted poked his head in the room and said, "so I booked a hotel in Niagara Falls. It is only 4 hours away," he assured me.  I was instantly ready to hop in the car and head off on our weekend escape- it could have been 10 hours for all I cared, but 4 hours sounded even better!  

We rapidly packed our overnight bags and a car full of snacks and were out the door in 15 minutes. I kept looking at him on the way, 'we are going on an adventure.'  The drive was simple and uneventful with the most exciting parts being my first trip over the Blue Water Bridge and the chance to sit and have completely meaningless, yet fantastic conversation with my favorite dude.  

We drove in to Niagara Falls around 3:00pm, checked into our hotel and immediately headed down to the Falls.  Now I have to remind you I haven't been to the Falls since I was about 6 years old.  Wow!  All that ice and snow and rushing water, what's not to love?!  Not only is the view breathtaking, but the sound is enough to make you want to sit there with your eyes closed and just listen.

We spent the majority of our time just gazing at the Falls.  We walked up and down the viewing area taking in the different views.  We would head to the visitors center to warm up, and then head back outside.  After dinner we bundled back up to visit the Falls at night.  They light up the Falls with beautiful colored lights and with the snow falling around us it felt completely romantic and perfect (but also cold, very cold!)

{A snowstorm hit that night and made the colored lights on the Falls look even more gorgeous.}

On Sunday we decided to head beneath the falls.  The price was discounted because some of the viewing area was frozen over and not visible.  We loved it- all those big icicles hanging right in front of you are rather breathtaking, not to mention we were the only ones down there.  I kept telling Teddy it was a scene straight out of the movie Frozen, he wasn't buying the analogy.

{The view from underneath the Falls.}

Then we drove over to the New York side of the Falls to take in a different view.  This area was less built up and felt more like being a part of nature.  The views weren't as stunning, but it was definitely worth the visit.  We did some short walks and decided the cold was getting the best of us and it was time to head home.  We waved goodbye to Niagara Falls until next time and headed back on our way only to be greeted in Michigan with a gorgeous sunset. Home sweet home. 

{The view from New York.}

{A Pure Michigan sunset.}

Our visit to Niagara was a perfect one night vacation and the colder weather created a beautiful element of ice and snow on the Falls- we would definitely recommend visiting during the winter.  The crowds were smaller, tourist attractions and hotels were discounted, and at night we had a view of the Falls completely to ourselves.

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John Yonkers said...

This looks like a great one night escape. Thank you for posting. I have been to Niagra in the fall but never the winter. Will definitely have to take a quick trip out there next winter.