February 21, 2011

World Clothes Line

Last weekend I had the opportunity to photograph our friend Mallory Brown, the brains behind the Michigan based company World Clothes Line.  During our afternoon together Mallory delivered clothing to those in need in Detroit.  Read my interview with Mallory to see how she is making a positive impact on our state and the world as a whole.

CM: Can you tell me a little about World Clothes Line?
MB: World Clothes Line is an apparel company with a philanthropic mission: to clothe the world. WCL matches every purchase with new items given to people in need. Essentially, our clothes are “Buy 1, Give 1 Free.” Buy 1 for yourself. Give 1 to someone in need.

Our clothes are designed to reflect different countries for donation. Currently, we have collections for Peru, Indonesia, and the United States. Items purchased from each collection will benefit people in its corresponding country. Our WCL team will travel to impoverished areas of these nations to personally deliver clothes to those who need them most.

CM: And how has starting your business in Michigan had an impact on you and your success?
MB: I was born and raised in Michigan and am proud to have launched my business here. Michiganders have such spirit and hope. We have our fair share of hardships, but they give us better perspective, sensitivity, and appreciation for life’s basic needs. I want to harness that compassion, so we can not only help ourselves but help others around the world as well.

CM: How has Detroit responded to World Clothes Line and your mission?
MB: Detroit has an incredible positive movement within itself. Detroiters are constantly trying to improve their city and make it better than it was yesterday. As a philanthropic business, World Clothes Line has been extremely well received by this movement. Detroiters gravitate toward my humanitarian goals and are proud that such a grand campaign has its roots on this city.  

Detroit is also one of the most interconnected cities via social media. My message has spread quickly on Facebook and Twitter, as people want to learn about new businesses and share interesting ideas. As much of my marketing is grassroots, this “word of mouth” is key to my success.

Also, Michigan is highly populated with creative people. With a history in music, art, and innovation, imagination is in our blood. Since WCLs launch five months ago, I’ve met an incredible amount of young entrepreneurs from our state.

CM: How did it feel to make your first delivery of clothing in Detroit?
MB: I chose Detroit as my first city for donation of the United States collection. This decision was an easy one. As one of the poorest cities in the nation, Detroit is obviously in need. However, its people  have also shown WCL a great deal of support. So, from my perspective, they are not only deserving of new clothes but have earned them.

CM: What are you future plans and goals for World Clothes Line?
MB: I plan to grow World Clothes Line to include more styles of clothing (hats, scarves, jackets, socks, children's clothes, etc.) and more countries for donation.  I'm continually approached by other international philanthropies and hope to develop a program to incorporate their resources into our mission.  We plan to expand, hire more positive thinkers, inspire others in incorporate philanthropy into their business, and continue on our mission to clothe the world.  


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This is so inspiring!

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