September 1, 2011

UniverSoul Circus

So this post is a little different from my usual, but I heart MI is all about trying something new.  I was recently contacted by a member of UniverSoul Circus about the act's stop in Detroit September 8-18 at the Chene Park Amphitheater.  I have never been to a circus, but there is a first time for everything and we will be spending an evening with UniverSoul Circus this September, and maybe you will too.  Tickets can be purchased here.

Here is a description of the show, that we are so excited to see--

There’s no doubt about it – the 243 year history of the modern circus has finally been reborn in the form of UniverSoul Circus, nationally recognized for its unique brand of high energy audience interaction and thrilling circus artistry.  Whether you’re dancing in the aisles with the Ringmaster; rapping to The Sugarhill Gang; volunteering for the “Soul Train Line;” singing 2,200-part harmony with the kids to Sponge Bob Square Pants, or enjoying a musical finale with the entire cast line-dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” – there’s something for everyone to interact with at UniverSoul Circus, recently proclaimed by a youthful online fan as “TheAwesomest Show Ever.”

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