June 28, 2011

Pewabic Pottery

One rainy day this past weekend forced us to change our plans from spending some time on the water (which at first was frustrating- Michigan please give us more sunny warm days!), but in our exploration of rainy day activities we ended up discovering a hidden gem of Detroit, Pewabic Pottery.  Friends have been telling me for awhile to check out the world renowned  ceramic design studio, and I am so glad we finally made it.  The craftsmanship is amazing and I am always fascinated by the intricate steps needed to make beautiful ceramic pieces.  Pewabic offers both self led and group tours during the week.

Also-- have you been to any firework displays yet?  We saw a great show on Sunday night.  You can check for fireworks by date here and by your city here.  I am keeping my fingers crossed we can see fireworks at least one more time by the 4th!

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