March 21, 2011

Sugar Shack

It seems like this is turning into a food blog, but we have gotten lucky with some delicious restaurants lately.  So one more food post, and then I promise I will post about other exciting Michigan discoveries.

We spent this past Saturday in Marshall, which I have posted about herehere, and here.  While wondering around town we decided since the weather felt like spring it was important we get some ice cream cones.  A local store owner informed us that the Sugar Shack would be the best, and she was correct.  It was a cute old fashioned candy store with buckets of colorful sweets and Mooville Ice Cream- exactly what we were looking for!


Chet Bhan said...

that ice cream looks good! what is it

Caryn said...

Some kind of coffee, Ted is in love with it. Thanks for reading Chet!!