March 31, 2011


While I was thinking about road trip planning I was reminded of the amazing weekend we spent at Paddlebrave in Roscommon last summer.  Located on the Au Sable River, Paddlebrave is a campground and canoe livery.  We had so much fun canoeing down the river the entire day, and at the end of our day Paddlebrave picked us up and brought us back to our campsite.  Not too bad!  Back at the campsite we cooked dinner over a fire (of course ending with marshmallows), saw amazing shooting stars, and met very fun people.  The owners were amazingly accommodating and friendly . . . a return trip is in the works for this summer.

Some of the amazing wildlife along the way . . .


A beaver, we even stopped for a while to watch him building his home!

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Krista said...

already planning a July trip with friends!