January 18, 2011

In the Heights in Detroit

My absolute favorite musical, In the Heights, is coming to the Fisher Theatre in Detroit.  I highly, highly recommend seeing it.  We have seen it in both New York and Chicago and each time I was in complete awe.  The show will run from February 1st thru February 13th.  

The show follows the immigrants of a Manhattan community as they struggle to create a life in America while maintaining their cultural identity and facing the difficulties of growing up.  Get ready for a few tears, upbeat music, and insane dance moves (there is break dancing involved).  

New York City


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The People of Detroit. said...

I remember hearing the playwright interviewed o NPR some years back. I'm not usually one for musicals (people breaking into song for no apparent reason makes me mad for some reason), but I may make an exception and check this one out.

Good to see a fellow Michigander highlighting what is good about the region. I'm in Shanghai right now, was in NYC at the start of the year, and was in Chicago before I came to Shanghai, and let me tell you, I would rather be in Michigan if I had to pick (thought Chicago is giving Michigan a run for the money...)